Atelier Patrice Bricout

Patrice Bricout was trained at the St Luc school in Tournai, Belgium, then at the Louvre school under the supervision of Master François Germond.

For 35 years, our Cabinetmaking, workshop has been restoring and preserving furniture and chairs and works of art from the Renaissance to the present day.


As specialists, we study the “most appropriate” solution to restore wood, this living material.

We handle with technical ease and history, with compromises of successions to be restored in a reversible way without causing additional wear.

In our mission, it is also important to give you advice to take care of your furniture as well as to restore it so that your heritage crosses the centuries.


Respect for the integrity of the work (all our restoration work can be reversed).


For 15 years, the workshop has been labeled Living Heritage Company (EPV) provider by the Mobilier National (2007), French administration referenced by the national museums of France, experts, architects, private collectors as well as the Cartier Foundation.


Proficiency in marquetry work (Hollandaise, Boulle, straw marquetry, end grain inlays), and ancient natural finishing techniques (French varnish, wax coated finish).
Restoration of stamped furniture: E. AVRIL – J.P. LATZ – P. ROUSSEL – NOGARET in Lyon – MIGEON – J.F. LAPIE – C. CRESSENT – J.B. SENE – J.B. VASSOU – J.F. LELEU – E. MEUNIER – HACHE in Grenoble…
Restoration of the furniture of the Boutique CARTIER,
rue de la Paix in Paris (Richemond group).
Restoration of modern works: Jean PROUVE – Charles EAMES – Robert PROST…
Restoration of old locks and marble.


Use of old natural materials that respect the environment and comply with legislation (all types of wood veneer, ivory, shell, mother-of-pearl, horn, shagreen, bone, old glues (nerve, bone, fish), gums, pigments, precious metals, etc …

Atelier Patrice Bricout
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