Briqueteries Chimot

It was in the Valenciennes (France) region, in the town of Marly, that the Chimot brickworks company came into being at the end of the 19th century in the form of open-air kilns.
In 1904, the Chimot family built a coal-fired, Hofmann kiln, which could fire bricks at a temperature of 1200° C. It was loaded and unloaded by hand.


In the early 1950s, bricks were manufactured with rotary presses that exerted a pressure of close to 3 tonnes on each brick.


Nowadays nothing has changed, which guarantees a very vintage look to our products, close to the bricks made at that time, respecting the Northern France brickworks tradition.
At Chimot, the traditional manufacture of bricks is combined with compliance to the new European standards (NF EN 771-1 COMPIL).


Our bricks

We have completed a number of projects, both in the northern region and in other regions of France…
Bright red pressed bricks fired in a continuous kiln. The slightly rough, cracked and irregular aspect is typical of traditional northern bricks. The colours are very varied, from light red to reddish brown, with occasional shades of flaming (overbaking).

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