Charrues Demblon

Established in SOISSONS, in the Aisne region of France, since 1947, the company designs, forges, machines and builds DEMBLON equipment (ploughs, chisel-cultivators and subsoilers).


The unique know-how acquired over the years by this family-run company enables its blacksmiths, welders, fitters and operators on manual or digital machines, to manufacture all the constituent parts of the ploughs and spare parts in complete autonomy. Whether it is hydraulic jacks, hubs, welded frames, threaded pins or forged parts (points, shares, mouldboards, landslides, cutters, etc.), nothing is left to chance! The mastery of heat treatments and the selection of steel grades (boron-enriched, THLE, Triplex, etc.) are part of this company’s daily business.


Recognized autonomy and quality explain the longevity of the company, which did not give in to the siren calls of outsourcing its manufacturing from the 1970s onwards, but preferred to prosper on a human scale, confident in its know-how. It has established a solid reputation among users. Demblon is still a safe bet for agricultural machinery, while many manufacturers have disappeared from the French landscape.


The DEMBLON tools have been oriented over time towards agronomics and the impact of agriculture on the environment. Thus, two flagship products meet the challenges of tomorrow’s agriculture: the Mixed Classic and Stubble Ploughs (agronomic or classic depth ploughing) and the chisel-cultivators offering many environmental benefits.

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