Chassis France

Chassis France is a renowned company specializing in the traditional artisanal manufacturing of canvas and painting frames for fine arts.


With a historic expertise that spans over 60 years, we have carried forward a legacy of passionate craftsmanship handed down through generations. Our products, made in France, embody high-end excellence and quality, designed to meet the demands of the most discerning artists.


At Châssis France, each frame and canvas is crafted with meticulous care, using traditional techniques that combine durability and precision. We offer a diverse range of standard products, but we are also experts in custom manufacturing, thereby meeting the specific needs of each artist and each artwork.


Our commitment extends beyond the mere production of artistic materials. Châssis France actively contributes to the preservation of French cultural heritage and its global influence. Our frames and canvases are not just supports for artistic expression; they preserve the essence of traditional French art.


Choosing Châssis France means selecting a trusted partner whose prestige and expertise are recognized worldwide. We take pride in providing products that are not just tools, but true cultural legacies, thereby enriching the global artistic landscape.

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