Proudly family owned

After 4 generations of artisanal tradition, Agnès Lutun proudly took over the family business in 2020. Under her leadership, we have continued our long history of responsible business practices by expanding to include organic options and working with a more eco-friendly approach.

Producing quality chicory has been part of our roots since 1934 and is still present in everything we do today.


Ethically Sourced

Manufacturing quality chicory is very important to us, and we are proud to offer products that are good for consumers and beneficial for our local partners. Chicory is a sustainable crop and can be part of a crop rotation – most of our suppliers are multi-crop farmers with several sources of revenue and they are paid according to collective agreements established well before the harvest.


What is chicory?

Chicory is a woody, herbaceous plant related to endives and daisies. It can be recognized by its distinctive blue flowers, and its roots are the basis for chicory beverages and concentrates Chicory has been consumed for centuries: first used in Ancient Egypt as a digestive aid, its real success came in the early 1800s, when the French used it as a coffee subsitute. Today, chicory can be found worldwide, including in the United States, where French settlers originally introduced it to the Louisiana area.


Responsibly harvested

Chicory is native to our region in the North of France, and it is important to us to preserve this natural environment as much as possible. All of our suppliers control production to preserve the

farmland as per French & European regulations and limit their herbicide use (or eliminate it entirely for organic products). All our final products are lab-tested and contain no trace of chemicals or herbicides.


Zero Waste Processes

Chicorée du Nord is a zero-waste company. We are continuing to work to reduce our carbon footprint, by implementing ISO 26000 guidance by the end of 2022. Chicory is picked, washed and dried. Grains are roasted in our energy efficient. Roasted grains are sorted and ground. The finished product is packaged.

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