Fonderies de Sougland

A cast iron and steel foundry, we design and produce parts weighing from a few grams to 2.5 tonnes, individually or in small- or medium-sized runs.


Our R&D department offers you a unique opportunity on which to base your reasoning by providing you with its expertise. The intervention of our design office to co-design parts allows for optimising costs and timescales.


We combine the skills of 3 workshops: the foundry (4 different production processes), machining and mechanical-welding, for a global and integrated production. One of our characteristics is our large selection of parts (over 1500 references and still growing), and the mastery of over 300 grades of cast iron and steel.


We operate in various sectors: shipbuilding, incineration, railways, valves and fittings, agriculture, the iron and steel industry, cement industry, car industry, chemical industry, etc. We can supply units from a raw part to a machined and even assembled part, with or without a heat treatment, paint, hydraulic tests, etc.

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02830 Saint-Michel

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