Henri Beauvillain

The company was founded in 1964, and specializes in lace inspection and finishing: mending, after “visiting” (checking) the “chiffon” that has fallen off the loom, and scaling, i.e. cutting out the intermediate tulle area with a circular knife.


The company performs all finishing operations. It subcontracts the preparation and weaving know-how to the Ledieu company. It has rare and complex finishing skills: the mender inspects the “chiffon” that has fallen off the loom and repairs any snags and defects with a needle. Then comes the extraction: the connecting threads are pulled out to leave only the lace. The lace can then be embroidered with more or less precious threads (ribbons, gold or silver threads, Lurex, pearls)


The company’s sole customer is the Solstiss group, a distribution brand that sells lace produced by Ledieu Beauvillain, and finished by Henri Beauvillain.

45 rue Pasteur
59540 CAUDRY
Tél : 03 27 85 10 25
Mail : contact@solstiss.fr
Site internet :  https://solstiss.com/fr/