Jean Jouard

Discover the recognized know-how of Jean Jouard, your roofing craftsman.


The Jean Jouard company is keen to share its 4 decades of experience in many fields. As we use quality materials, guarantee our work, and comply with all safety standards, you can be assured of the quality of the results.


SARL Jouard creates and renovates all types of roofs. Their know-how guarantees perfect insulation and damp-proofing of your home. Careful work will eliminate any risk of leaks, which could lead to costly damage to the roof structure.


Whether they work on a new building or a restoration, our teams will install your roof according to the rules of the trade.  To equip all styles of housing, they offer the installation of simple roofs, but also make your dream decorative roofs come true, with bespoke works.


In compliance with safety standards, using high-quality materials, slates or tiles, they adapt their methods to respect traditional techniques.


The Jean Jouard company is also involved in other activities such as plumbing, cladding, slate work and heating.

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