JMB Taille de Pierre

A face, a man, a life


He looks like a patriarch, with his head held high and his eyes easily mischievous.Jean-Michel Bouchard is undoubtedly the soul of the JMB stone cutting company, which he created with his wife in 1999. 


This native of the Vexin region settled his company in Fresnes l’Eguillon (Oise), returning to his origins after a long journey: the journey of companionship. 


After falling in love with the art of stone cutting at the age of 17, he began he began an apprenticeship with the Companions in Marseille in 1983, before embarking on a Tour de France which took him as far as Cairo, where he directed the work on the Franciscan cathedral.Received as a Companion in Geneva in 1991, he then accumulated national distinctions: Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Worker in France); Artisan en Métiers d’Art (Craftsman in Art); Maitre d’Apprentissage confirmé (Confirmed Master of Apprenticeship) … 


His company is not to be outdone: labeled « Qualibat », «Made in Oise» and «Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant» (EPV), it has won various competitions such as «Trésor Vivant de l’Artisanat», «Stars et métiers 2014»… But first and foremost, it is a place where creating is a pleasure, for there, each stone will be tailored, with the same tools as those who cut and sculpted the stones of our cathedrals. Each piece is a one of a kind. 


“Do a job you love, and you won’t have to work a day in your life”. Jean-Michel Bouchard endlessly repeats this adage echoing the one of the Chinese philosopher Confucius.


The passion and enthusiasm of the Master of the premises is contagious: many young apprentices and itinerants trained by Jean-Michel Bouchard are now Companions and business leaders.His Daughter, Juliette was rewarded with a gold medal at the «Meilleurs Apprentis de France» competition in 2021. Trained by her father, she has the potential for a successful professional and human career, something her father-and-master is extremely proud of.  


The company currently counts 3 stonecutters, 1 mason and 3 stonecutting apprentices.

JMB Taille de Pierre
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