JP Arbez

Lead foundry, manufacture of roof sealing accessories, manufacture of stained-glass lead profiles for master glaziers, and supply of associated accessories.


Founded in 1973, the company manufactures lead sealing accessories and special items for the renovation of roofs on historical monuments. In synergy with his foundry business, JP ARBEZ took over the Prévost Vitroplomb company and its stained-glass business created in 1929 to continue the manufacture of classic or customized lead profiles.


To complete its offer in the stained-glass business, JP ARBEZ trades in specific glass and stained glass makers’ tools, and produces copper or brass stained glass protections.


JP ARBEZ has an indisputable and nationally renowned know-how; it is the last and only company in France to manufacture lead profiles used for the renovation of old stained-glass windows but also for more modern designs.  


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