La Brosserie Française

La Brosserie Française carries the industrial history of our beautiful Thérain valley: the first brush factory built in 1845 on the banks of this tributary of the Oise, our factory experienced the boom, then the decline of the industry in the 2000s.


In 2012, the site got a new impetus when an employee decided to save the factory from closing. The know-how is preserved and developed, because it is now transmitted nowhere else than at 66, rue du Pont d’Arcole in Beauvais: with us.


Since then, strong with experience and history, the factory has put sustainable development at the heart of its approach: French production, responsible processes and materials, expertise to support quality are at the center of all our decisions.


Being a Living Heritage Company means bringing this brushmaking know-how to life on a daily basis to combine excellence and sustainability, adding real added value to the French industrial, economic and social fabric.

66 rue du Pont d’Arcole
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