Ledieu Beauvillain

The company, founded in 1954, specializes in the manufacture of lace on Leavers looms. The lace is made according to the requirement of the product. (Strip, scale, ruffle, braid, or width.)


The company has a rare know-how in the manufacture of Leavers lace and more specifically the very fine “Chantilly” lace. This know-how is based on a series of specific manual tasks: dehulling, extirpation, loading the weft threads thanks to the wheeler or winder, pressing, pre-screening to obtain conformity of the thickness of the bobbins, etc. The rare and complex position of tullist, is held by a dozen people in the company.


All production is sold to the Solstiss group, a distribution brand that exports mainly to Europe but also overseas.

45 rue Pasteur
59540 CAUDRY
Tél : 03 27 85 10 25
Mail : contact@solstiss.fr
Site internet :  https://solstiss.com/fr/