Lemahieu produces your clothes in France, long before it became trendy.


We are specialized in fine knits, with biosourced materials, for all seasons in the underwear, lingerie and all clothing in contact with the skin (t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc.) industry for men, women and children.


Local and traceable production, from the idea to the finished product. Our factory has a fully integrated production chain, formed by 7 workshops (design office, knitting, cutting, embroidery, tailoring, quality finishes, shipments).


Lemahieu is a militant company. We are driven by a vision : to create the cleanest clothing in the world. Our CSR corporate social responsibility program is based on 3 commitments: To be economically sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially fair.


In addition to our house brands Achel by Lemahieu and Hekla by Lemahieu, sold on our e-shop and through a network of retailers, Lemahieu produces underwear and clothing on demand for the brands. Together, we are relocating textile production to France. We surround ourselves with customers who allow us to evolve and we are proud to support them by defending responsible consumption.

480 Avenue De Lattre de Tassigny
Tél : 03 20 51 62 42
Mail : contact@lemahieu.com
Site internet : https://lemahieu.com