STN Tressage

STN Tressage is located in the heart of the Lys Valley, in the city of Comines (a French town that has been considered as the world capital of cotton and utility ribbon for over 200 years).


Since our creation, we have specialised in the manufacture of cords, laces, girdles, ribbons, elastics and bungees.


All our articles are manufactured in our own workshops in France according to 3 processes that we manage perfectly: mainly braiding, but also knitting and weaving.


We have a unique know-how coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, and we are constantly innovating in the development of specific machines allowing us to create unique items that we are proud to offer.


In addition to providing a very wide range of standard products that can be fully customised (colour, material, diameter/width), we work largely according to your specifications to develop exceptional and/or technical items to meet your most demanding requirements.

4 bis Rue Ampère
59560 Comines
Tél : 03 20 39 36 63
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