Les faiseurs de bateaux

L’aventure des « nouveaux » Faiseurs de Bateaux débuta en 2009. Désireux de sauver les embarcations locales de la disparition, Rémy COLIN entreprit d’ouvrir son petit chantier naval.

Atelier Traditionnel du Vimeu

Atelier Traditionnel du Vimeu has its production workshop in the historic cradle of French bathroom fittings manufacturers, the Vimeu region. Awarded the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, or Living Heritage Enterprise) in 2013, it boasts over 50 years of craftsmanship in this field.

JMB Taille de Pierre

He looks like a patriarch, with his head held high and his eyes easily mischievous. Jean-Michel Bouchard is undoubtedly the soul of the JMB stone cutting company, which he created with his wife in 1999.

JP Arbez

Lead foundry, manufacture of roof sealing accessories, manufacture of stained-glass lead profiles for master glaziers, and supply of associated accessories.

Marbrerie Vandermarlière

Established in 1931 in Comines (59), Vandermarlière marble works specializes in engraving, building and classical decoration marble work and stone cutting.

Jean Jouard

Discover the recognized know-how of Jean Jouard, your roofing craftsman.

Faïence Ponchon

The first FAÏENCE PONCHON wall tile factory was founded in 1824. 8 factories followed in this village in Oise, France, at the end of the clay seam called "the Pays de Bray buttonhole".

Atelier Patrice Bricout

For 35 years, our Cabinetmaking, workshop has been restoring and preserving furniture and chairs and works of art from the Renaissance to the present day.